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The Big Rolling Crate

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

There's a lot of excitement at my house right now while my people try to get everything ready for our big adventure. My boy-person, Todd, whom it is my duty to protect from all dangers real and imagined for as long as I shall live, spends a lot of time preparing the Big Rolling Crate, and my lady-person, Diane, fusses around the house, doing all the stuff she didn't have time to do during the school year. Diane is a teacher, and during the school year, she's always going on and on about not having time.

My people call the Big Rolling Crate "The Bus," or sometimes "The Ambulance," but I call it the  the Big Rolling Crate. We have a lot of rolling crates right now and I like them all.

Diane's rolling crate is small and I like it because it is always clean and it has a sunroof, but it doesn't have a center console, so it's hard for me to see where we're going because I can't stand and look forward very easily.

Todd's rolling crate is bigger and I LOVE the big center console. I can balance my front feet on it and my back feet on the back seat and it's like I'm actually driving the car (except I'm not, of course, because paws aren't good for driving cars). Todd's care is always dirty, though, and I usually have to share the back seat with lots of tools and stuff.

Then there's the big, loud rolling crate, which Todd calls "the Ford" and Diane calls "the pickup." It's very noisy in the big, loud rolling crate, which sometimes frightens me, but I do love the bench seat. I get to sit right between Diane and Todd in the very front, and they get made at me sometimes because I want to lick Todd's face while he's driving (Diane never drives the big, loud rolling crate), but I don't care, because I like to lick Todd's face.

The rolling crates are much more fun than my regular crate, because my regular crate just sits in the sunroom and there's no room in it for anyone but me. The rolling crates can fit a whole bunch of people. Usually it's just me, Todd, and Diane, but sometimes other people come with us, like friend Caitie or friend Zeb or Mammam Dot, and even though I'm a little afraid of other people, I'm not as afraid of them when we're all in the rolling crate going somewhere, because I know we're going somewhere fun.

You see, crates are my safe places. Whether I'm in the regular crate at my house or one of the rolling crates far from home, I know I'm safe in there, and I like that, because, to be honest, I get scared a lot.

Diane is afraid that my scaredy-cat nature is going to cause problems on our big adventure, but I know that as long as we have the Big Rolling Crate, everything will be okay.

Right now, Todd's fitting out the back for a big bed and hooking up solar panels so we can electricity. I don't need electricity, because I'm a dog, but my people seem to think this is important. I guess if Diane's going to update my blog from the road, we'll need electricity, so now that I think about it, for the first time in my doggy life, electricity might be useful to me. See that--I'm getting more and more like my people every day.
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