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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Whether or not we need a canoe for this summer's adventure has been quite a big topic of conversation between Todd and Diane for the past few days. Todd thinks a canoe is the perfect accompaniment to the big rolling crate, and Diane thinks it would be somewhat insane to tie a 16-foot canoe to the top of the bus and drive a few thousand miles like that.

Usually I side with Todd in all things pertaining to adventure, but in this regard, I must side with Diane. I have only been in a canoe a few times, and frankly I haven't been very impressed.

Personally, when I'm at a lovely pond or lake, I'd like to take a nice swim, roll around in the sand, roll around in some smelly dead stuff along the shore, and then hunt around picnic areas for leftovers.

Unfortunately, we arrive at a lovely pond or lake with the canoe, I have to jump in and just sit there. Diane sits in front of me. Todd sits behind me. They paddle and Todd corrects Diane's form and Diane makes snippy comebacks, and all I get to do is sit there. What's the fun in that?

Last week we got a new-to-us canoe, and I will admit it's an improvement over the old one. The old one was handmade by Todd and his dad, and it is very pretty to look at but very wobbly to ride in. The new one is sturdy and wide and rides low enough to the water that I can stick my tongue out for a drink any time I like, which is nice, but in the end, a canoe is a canoe.

One fun trick I've learned: When it's time to get in the canoe, I can jump in from one side and then jump right back out the other side. It's great fun and I can do it over and over until Todd gets mad and picks me up and puts me in the canoe and holds me there so they can shove off.

I think I could probably jump out of the canoe at any time while Diane and Todd are paddling and then I could just swim to shore, but I haven't tried it yet, and I think if I did the people would be very unhappy.

So far, I think Diane is winning to "Should we take a canoe on the Todyssey*" debate, and I'm glad.  I'd much rather swim and hike and save the canoeing for another adventure.

*Todyssey is now the official name of our adventure, and it will be referred to as such henceforth. Todd's dad came up with it and when Diane heard it she laughed her head off, although I'm not sure why. She told me it's English teacher humor. Personally, I don't read a lot of books, although I do enjoy eating the newspaper and the occasional magazine.

2 comments on "Canoe"
  1. Frankly I see a glaring mistake in the canoeing. The stronger stroke really ought to ride up front. Tell your lady, Diane, to steer. Not only will they go faster places, but Todd can initiate turns where he wants, there will be fewer arguments and you will be able to see Todd and where you are going at the same time during the whole trip.

    By the way, we will be avid followers. You are a great blogger, Amelia, and Dylan loved the little bit we read to him today.

    1. Haha--Todd won't like his understanding of who sits where being corrected!


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