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Thursday, July 7, 2016

We stayed at our first Boondock for 2 nights to recover from the long drive west. Todd made coffee in a French press, heating up water on a jet-boil, because that's how we roll. 

This picture is my favorite stand of trees. I spent most of our time here laying the grass in the shade and relaxing. I didn't need a leash or a collar and I could just chill by myself and take a break from protecting Todd from all dangers, real and imagined.

This spring-fed trough was just uphill from our camp. The water was extremely clear and perfectly odor free. Todd sterilized it with a steri-pen to make sure it was safe, and we used it for the solar shower, washing dishes, and for things like coffee, where it would be boiled first. We're not taking any chances with water.

We took a nice hike up the ridge behind our camp site to the top of this rocky hill. Todd and Diane ate wild raspberries and I sniffed all sorts of unfamiliar scat. Todd wanted to keep walking on the ridge, but Diane saw a rattlesnake in one of the rocky crevices and we were all a little rattled after that, so we carefully made our way back to camp for a delicious lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches.

Both nights at our Boondock, thunderstorms rolled past, but they were fleeting and refreshing so we didn't mind. Todd took two rides on his mountain bike while Diane and I hung around camp and wrote these blog entries to post when we got back to civilization.

Diane doesn't like to mountain bike, so Todd had to do that alone, but he took a walkie-talkie and checked in a lot, turning around once he couldn't reach us anymore. He got enough cell phone reception in one pass to get some messages out to Mammam Dot so she wouldn't worry about not hearing from us for days, which was nice of him.

All in all, our first Boondock with a great success. Diane was quite nervous when we headed off into the wild, but Todd has safety in mind and promises we won't do anything dangerous.

Here are some more pictures:

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